Guests in the country other than Japan must read the following explanations.
The commodity has the one that it is possible to export and the one that cannot be done.
The permit etc. are different in each country.
Please read the page of "Shipping" before it uses it. The carriage and the charge of the permit are reported with mail.
Please contact me by E-mail orContact Us. Each commodity sign is a figure in (). Example(00/00/00) About export for
Our shop has the store account of PAYPAL(E-BAY).

Explanation to each country

South Korea
Our shop ships luggage by EMS.

The plant is quarantined in South Korea.
After washing plant roots, our shop ships it when exporting. The invoice is attached.
The medicine for the inspection of South Korea has the case to hurt the leaf of Echeveria. Therefore, our shop is not exporting Echeveria.
A possible kind is Haworthia.

Certifcates is attached. Documents are no charge. Quarantine inspection is required about a plant. "The quarantine inspection period" is nine weeks. Please prepay charge with PAYPAL before the quarantine inspection. Change of the contents of SET cannot be performed. Moreover, an order for other plants cannot be placed together.

About export to the United States

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